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The Books of Richard Chilton

Richard Chilton, a twenty-year member of the Society for American Baseball Research, is a retired advertising and marketing executive whose passion for the game of baseball has prompted him to write about the game. His first book, The Great American Baseball Lineup Quiz Book was favorably reviewed in Sports Illustrated, St. Louis Post Dispatch, USA Today, and other media. Mr. Chilton has appeared on selected sports talk shows as well as the Morning Show in Detroit. His second baseball book, “Never Before, Never Since” gives an insight into one-time happenings in major league baseball and is illustrated and mentioned below.

Mr. Chilton is the father of three grown sons and a daughter and resides in New Canaan, Connecticut and Naples, Florida. His books can be purchased through the publishers shown, Amazon, and through bookstores nationwide.


Diary of a Giant Fan, by Richard ChiltonNEWEST BOOK, JUST OUT
The Groundbreakers! There is a First Time for Everything

1,804 Answers to First Time Happenings in Major League Baseball That You Were Curious to Know

Within these pages you will discover not only the answers to 1,804 questions as to who was the first player, manager, umpire or executive to have accomplished a particular feat in the long history of Major League Baseball, but we will take you back to not just the name, but to the story behind the name, to the moment of its happening, and its result, bringing the historical event clearly into focus. So sit back, enjoy, and let us tell you about that first time in major league history.

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Diary of a Giant Fan, by Richard Chilton

Diary of a Giants Fan,
by Richard Chilton

Diary of a Giant Fan

For all of you Giants fans, this is a must read! Our World Champion New York Giants have a long and storied history, and this book makes you feel like you were at every game! Entertainingly written, Mr. Chilton takes you through the ups and downs of this classy franchise.

The book begins with the formation of the team. It serves not only as a recollection of memories to all fans of the New York Football Giants, but also acts, by its accuracy and thoroughness, as an historical document. It precisely describes those memorable games in franchise history that followers of the Big Blue will vividly recall.

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Never Before, Never Since, by Richard Chilton

Never Before, Never Since
by Richard Chilton

Never Before, Never Since

One of the joys of being a baseball fan is the uncovering of some of the bizarre and unusual happenings that occur each year in the game of baseball. This book explores those instances where a major league player, famous or obscure, does something never before done, and to this day has not been duplicated. Whether it be heroic, record-shattering or embarrassing it has found its way into the annals of baseball history and is brought out in this book.

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The Great American Baseball Lineup Quiz Book

Written by Richard Chilton: Can you create an entire team, position by position of former players who have become managers? Of players who hit a home run in their first at bat? Of men who played for both the Boston Braves and the Boston Red Sox? Or the Yankees and the Mets? First published in 1984, there are still some copies available for purchase from AbeBooks.